MSM or TBW, a mystery and a passion!

The bishop of Weisbuch, a great gentleman!

Although I have known him for a few years, “The Bishop of Weisbuch” will always amaze me! Indeed, because of his passion for the work of Claude Weisbuch, Marc Saint-Martin was nicknamed “The Bishop of Weisbuch”.

How can a man who has exercised such high responsibilities in the very serious world of computing, come as a surprise?

  • By his madness. Do you know many individuals who build such a website in tribute to their favorite artists?
  • Through his enthusiasm, he made me discover, but above all appreciate Weisbuch’s work!
  • By his kindness. At the end of our contract and although the initial conditions had been respected, he gave me a huge gift. He offered me to choose from his collection the work that I preferred.
Gravure "Le violoniste emporté" par Claude Weisbuch
Here, as in the “Exploded Violinist”, everything is suspended and everything escapes. And ultimately whose liberation is this really?

MSM sells part of its collection.

With his courtesy, his good manners, his culture and his unwavering respect for his commitments, Marc Saint-Martin is a perfect “gentleman”. So if you still had a single doubt, and you plan to buy a work from him, go for it, the transaction will be clear

As for me, I send him all my thanks, and I would dare to tell him that he is more than just a client for me…

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