The encounter

The encounter with a work

It was an encounter with a work that made me an assiduous collector of Claude Weisbuch . This chance encounter will result in becoming a “devouring” passion!

In 1985, in the suburbs of Paris, I can’t take my eyes off a lithograph of a violinist in a picture framer’s window. Thus, although being classic, I am immediately acquiring it, both its vigor and its strength subjugate me.

Engraving "The violinist" by Claude Weisbuch

The encounter with a technique

Returning to my home, I contemplated this acquisition for a long time, which continued to captivate me. Because I was fascinated by this sketch which sublimated itself into a finished work.

Eventually I discovered that the contemplation of a passionate trait could be an intense source of emotion.

Curious to know more about the technique, I “followed the trail” to the Taille-doucier Patrick Degouy, the talented professional in intaglio printing .

So, I went to his workshop in Issy les Moulineaux, and he “opened” the doors of his art to me, simply and with kindness.

So for several months, over the course of our meetings, we have forged friendly ties. Of course, I had great difficulty not giving in to temptation, and my collection was growing…

The encounter with the artist : Claude Weisbuch

One day at the insistence of the Taille-doucier I went to his workshop, and a big surprise awaited me, Claude Weisbuch was there, at work!

Weisbuch making a soft-sided plaque
The artist uses a shading screen to avoid reflections and sift the light. Extremely precise the work of soft waist does not allow the retouching.

If that day, I was unable to grasp the complexity of the character, a connection was established. From there and for about ten years I had the privilege of moments of sharing. Thus, one thing leading to another, at each of our meetings I made some progress in deciphering the man and his work.

Finally, I remember him as a passionate and relentless worker, but also a great freedom-loving humanist. Moreover, he constantly scribbled sketches, preludes to future works.

And if his lively mind was teeming with new ideas, his pockets were overflowing with notebooks and sheets!

Other facets of the artist

It was during his oil on canvas exhibition at the Château de Chenonceau in 1988 that I discovered the power of his painting. The works that were presented there enchanted me, it was magnificent, and I received a real shock!

A few exceptional meetings

That day in 1997 when he was honored with the Legion of Honor was one of the highlights of our exchanges. Indeed, this distinction was the consequence of his status as a recognized international artist. 

However, it is with simplicity and quite naturally that he came to the workshop to celebrate this event by opening a few bottles of champagne. On this occasion, some friends and I had the privilege of sharing this special moment with him.

My last discussion with Weisbuch took place in 1999, just before I left for migrating to South Africa.  During this meeting, we of course talked about meaning of life and freedom.

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    • Bonjour Franck,

      C’est exact, je n’ai pas voulu écrire son nom car je ne sais pas s’il aurait apprécié et aussi pas de nouvelles depuis longtemps et aucun moyen de contact.
      Te souviens-tu de moi ? voir ma photo sur le site juste après la carte du monde où j’ai un peu bourlingué…

      Que sont devenus tes parents à la retraite ? Où vit maintenant le Grand Taille-doucier ?


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