Collection Marc Saint-Martin : abundant

“Weisbuch collection”, what is it exactly?

The “Marc Saint-Martin Collection” reflects my passion: abundant!

Marc Saint-Martin Collection Illustrated book "Horace de Corneille" by Claude Weisbuch
Examples of works of art illustrated by Claude Weisbuch: Faust and the Second Faust by Goethe, History of Philosophy (2 volumes), Le diable aux corps by Radiguet, Horace by Corneille, Dom Juan by Molière.

The main purpose of this site is sharing. Sharing emotion for the work, exchanging pieces. and of course sharing between Amateurs.

“Marc Saint-Martin Collection” engravings

For the engravings, as you may have read in the “meeting” page , my first work was a violinist; as a music lover, I was particularly sensitive to the theme of music and musicians. Moreover, the trait so characteristic of Weisbuch takes on its full dimension.


The lithographs that appeal to me the most are essentially those that contain 2 or 3 colors.


The brass being at the origin of the works, have always fascinated me. That’s why I own a few and I’ve had some framed.

Some unique and unusual objects

But the “Marc Saint-Martin Collection” is also made up of more fanciful “relics”. For example, I have a bow tie that was made for me with a lithograph of a violinist by his intaglio. Or even one of the drypoints used by Claude Weisbuch in his studio (photo on the right), or even a special BAT.

In short, a plethora of unique and unusual objects.

Works by Weisbuch that I offer for sale

Series of complete lithographs, engravings present in bibliophile works of art, there is not a single space in my home that is not occupied by the works of Claude Weisbuch.

Exchanges and sales are therefore always topical.

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