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As you have seen, this site has many resources, especially in terms of photos. These elements come, in part, from my collection. On the other hand, I had to borrow images, especially for works that I don’t own.

This page is therefore on the one hand a page of thanks, but also an incentive on my part to visit certain art galleries.

Art galleries

The art gallery occupies a very important place in the artistic field where it is considered as the engine of the profession. The gallery brings together the  works  of recognized or emerging artists and has two main functions in the Art market:

  • Highlight the creations of artists so that they gain notoriety.
  • Market the works.

Therefore, the art gallery is, the first actor that shows the public, both connoisseurs and insiders, the works of artists. The resulting gain in notoriety will contribute to the creation of a rating . This is how artists earn their place in auction houses.

For most of them, we share the same passion for an artist, namely Claude Weisbuch. That’s why they kindly allowed me to use their resources.

Logo de la Galerie 125

Gallery 125 the largest collection of Claude Weisbuch online

Galerie 125 can only be visited by appointment, and yet thanks to the 5000 references visible on its site, it floods the art world . Moreover, its buyers are “more numerous in Asia than in Lorraine”. Behind the website hides Alexandre Paulus, a passionate gallery owner, specialist in Claude Weisbuch and the figurative movement.

“I never knew how to draw. I have the trait in me that I am unable to reproduce”.

Failing to know how to handle the brush, he has the eye. That of the gallerist, sharp, professional and passionate. So he assumes his “digital” choice.

“ Ten years ago, a transition took place on the internet, a purely physical gallery was no longer viable, we had to adapt ”.

A l'intérieur de la galerie 125

To visit Gallery 125, click HERE . duration 57 seconds.

And when he speaks of Claude Weisbuch it is with great admiration.

“Look at these peasant women from Lorraine or this miner from Briey. He was 16 at the time! His work is incredibly mature. »

A quality website.

Galerie 125 is undoubtedly the one that offers the largest collection of works by Claude Weisbuch online. In addition, the site is very well structured, and the resources are of excellent quality. He is the main contributor to Weisbuch-collection, so thanks again to Mr. Paulus.

In short, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask him, if it’s playable, he’ll find it for you!

Printmaking alongside newcomers.

The L’Estampe gallery, created in 1979 by Thierry Lacan, mainly defends artists of the new figuration. It is also a publishing house which has the only French aquagravure workshop.

L’Estampe is always on the lookout for new creative approaches and new artists. To this end, it perpetuates its support approach by publishing artists such as Speedy Graphito. Thus, from the artists of narrative figuration, to the founders of free figuration, Printmaking rigorously accompanies the new initiators of contemporary art.

Gallery "The print" interior
Gallery “The print” interior

The print and Weisbuch

It is in this spirit that, since 1997, the Galerie l’Estampe has accompanied Claude Weisbuch . She made him one of the essential engraver painters in her collection.

In 1999 l’Estampe created a retrospective of Weisbuch: “50 years of printmaking”. Since then with more than 200 works, this exhibition has enchanted collectors and art collectors all over France.

Due to an exhibited, reduced collection and an ‘Estampe’ watermark, I have not borrowed any photos from the gallery. On the other hand, his excellent video “l’estampe” with Claude Weisbuch, was a great help to me. Indeed, I used a few excerpts to illustrate my remarks.

Tamenaga gallery logo

In 1969, Kiyoshi Taménaga created his first gallery in the Ginza district of Tokyo. Thanks to the links forged with personalities from the world of French Art, he was able to share his passion with the Japanese public.

While many dealers remained attached to Impressionism, Kiyoshi Taménaga had already understood that the decades to come would belong to the Ecole de Paris .

He had this famous “eye” which will become legendary.

With exhibitions devoted to the Impressionists, Picasso and others, the Japanese public was beginning to become familiar with Western Art. However, it was still possible to discover the paintings of the Western Masters only in a few museums. His keen eye enabling him to spot the best artists and his French network enabled him to impose Western art on Japan.

Meeting Claude Weisbuch was the start of a long and fruitful collaboration. From the 1970s, the Galerie Taménaga devoted major exhibitions to him, both in France and abroad.



This team is devoted to research on the history and collections of the Municipal Library of Nancy. Mainly fed by the team of the Stanislas Library, study and heritage library, it echoes the concerted work, unexpected discoveries and cultural projects of the establishment.

She managed and related the different stages of the acquisition of 79 early prints by Claude Weisbuch. Given the rarity of these works, she is often the only one to have a reproduction of the print.

Its images are made available under Etalab’s Open License . In addition to these photos, the team provides interesting biographical resources on Claude Weisbuch.

The Weisbuch-collection images concerning works prior to 1960 come from this fund.

Nantes printing workshop museum

Quite naturally, the idea of ​​preserving what was five hundred years of communication of thought, germinated in the minds of two men, Sylvain Chiffoleau, master printer and Robert Colombeau, typographer, relayed in this by successive municipalities. A solid team of printing professionals, all specialties combined, where everyone will recognize themselves, worked for weeks to make the project a reality. Thus, on December 6, 1986, the Municipal Museum of Printing opened its doors.

I have not visited this museum, but I have extensively browsed its site and I discovered that it was built on passion. Moreover, all of the initiatives that emanate from it demonstrate a remarkable pedagogical impetus.

Moreover, the richness of its site allowed me to find relevant and good quality images.

A big thank-you !

Documentary and video resources

Beyond the images, in order to offer you the best quality in terms of information, I had to explore the web. Thus, you will also find many links to sites and videos that will allow you to perfect your knowledge of the artist and the technique.

Short videos, to understand.

Weisbuch Videos